What is it that I do exactly?

I’ve met tons of people in the past 3 years, many I still keep in touch with to this day, some who just slipped away, however not many people know what I do. Some people think I sell t-shirts and snapbacks for Ladyboyrd, some people think I make music videos for youtube, some people think I sell second hand vinyl records and some think I’m in a band where our music is sold exclusively on cassette tapes, all of this is true to an extent, but there’s an element of lie in it as this isn’t really something that I’m focused on, yes I’ve done all those things but as vague as all that seems, the path that I have set out for myself is way more forward and narrower than it seems. The past few years I have been working odd jobs, here and there, all of them involving selling things and that’s how I get by whilst at the same time juggling all that with my studies, what studies you ask? Well as of now, I’m currently studying to develop myself into what the creative world would call a video artist. I meet different people almost every weekend the past few years and getting to know them and they tend to ask for things that I usually could get my hands on easily and have little to no use for it, this had led me to bring in a stable income for myself. Now these jobs aren’t something I’d like to put on my resume, they are dodgy odd jobs, however it’s not something you could master overnight, it’s jobs that takes skill, timing, patience and very very strong caution. Besides co-owning a small independent t-shirt company that hasn’t expanded as far as 2 months, I have no experience in an official stable job. So having to buy and sell things for a living and knowing that I could have a steady income for it, I’ve decided to get my head in the filmmaking industry, because once I could get my head around the basics, I’m pretty sure I would be able to survive on my art, I know it would definitely take time and there’s no guarantee if I could make it big or not, but seeing as though how I’ve survived through a lot of chaos, just pushes me into wanting to take the risk and for whatever reason I fail at this whole video art thing, at least I could genuinely say I’ve tried and probably go back home to Brunei and work for Shell.


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